Laravel Journey (004) PHP Tinker

This is useful for testing commands to get data from DB.

However, TINKER is accessed via a Laravel site (installation). The logic is this, TINKER will allow people to query the Database, and the DB MUST BE LINKED to SOMETHING, in this case, the site  we are querying.

So it must be executed from the folder of the site.


C:\Windows\system32>php artisan tinker
Could not open input file: artisan

C:\Windows\system32>cd \

C:\>cd wamp\www\blog2

C:\wamp\www\blog2>php artisan tinker
Psy Shell v0.8.1 (PHP 5.6.25 ΓÇö cli) by Justin Hileman
New version is available (current: v0.8.1, latest: v0.8.2)

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